Provide WiFi to your customers

Easy set-up

Easy set-up

Plug & play

Connect the Fon router to the internet for standard configuration

Access your WiFi for Business console to configure & customize your WiFi service to fit your needs

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

You decide

It's up to you how much Free WiFi your customers get or what they see after logging in (your business URL, a promotions page, etc.)

One click access

One click access

No more passwords

Your guests can connect seamlessly
via Facebook or regular login (email & password)

Know your customers

Know your customers

Also reward them!

Thanks to an intuitive dashboard you can get 
insightful analytics (demographics and access stats)

Reward loyal customers with tailored promotions and messages



Create brand awareness

Enhance your customers’ in-store experience

Increase loyalty

Improve sales

One location

Multiple locations

Have a large venue? (malls, supermarkets, large retail, etc.) Contact our WiFi for Business team, and we’ll get back to you with a solution that best addresses your needs.

Get It Now 2

Get It Now 2
Sign-up& wifi router

+ 0€/month

Beta launch offer*

* One time payment. You won't ever be charged again.


Fon WiFi for Business is the ideal solution to manage the guest WiFi experience for doctor's offices, dental clinics, hair salons, retail locations, restaurants, coffee shops, or if you need to give WiFi to visitors in your office.

Once you purchase WiFi for Business, Fon will ship the Fonera for Business router to your shipping address. 
In the box you will find the installation guide with instructions to register the service at Once there, just follow the instructions to set up the service, and you are good to go!

Setup is very simple and intuitive, in just 3 steps you will have a fully customizable service.

WiFi for Business allows you to customize the complete experience your customers receive! 
You can customize the whole appearance of the captive portal, including background image, call-to-action messages, social media links, free WiFi time, etc.

You can customize the amount of free WiFi your customers get, (up to 2 hours), based on the particular needs of your Business.

Our service supports multi Access Points (AP) for one single store, meaning you can buy as many Foneras for Business as you need to give coverage to all corners of your Business. 
Adding additional APs is as simple as typing in the MAC and PIN of your new Fonera at, entering your already existing WiFi for Business account and customizing the service.
From that moment your enterprise configuration will be reflected in each AP of your store.

We have specific solutions outside our standard model for these type of venues. Please contact us, and we'll get back to you.

Users connecting for the first time to a WiFi for Business Spot will need to create a Fon account (email and password) or connect via Facebook. No need to share a complicated WiFi password ever again!

Yes, your customers can get WiFi access via Facebook login. Seamless connectivity is one of Fon’s WiFi for Business differentiators.

Via we will ship you a Fonera for Business that you need to plug into your ISP ADSL/Cable/Fiber box to get the service functionality.
If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is one of our partners you will not need extra hardware.
This service however is currently offered only from our website. We’ll make the announcement when our partners start deploying the service.

Yes. WiFi for Business service needs an internet connection to work.
The Fonera for Business (the Fon router that you’ll receive), once plugged to your existing internet, router will create a secure WiFi Network from your current internet connection.

Yes, if you need to save WiFi bandwidth for admin/internal use, you can limit how much bandwidth you want to give to your visitors. Know how to do it by following the instructions.

Connecting to your private signal will allow you to separate your personal traffic to the one of your visitors.To activate your private signal follow the instructions.