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Fon Takes Part in UMobile: The Next Step in Internet Progression


The future of internet connectivity is only becoming brighter. Just recently, UMobile issued a press release announcing the completion of the early phase of the Universal, Mobile-centric, and Opportunistic Communication Architecture project. This up-and-coming endeavour has received funding from the European's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 645124, demonstrating high prospects for the venture.

Fon Launches Gramofon in Korea

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Gramofon in Korea! It is the first time our award winning WiFi music player will be available in Asia. By just plugging the Gramofon into the stereo and connecting it to WiFi, Korean users can now enjoy a seamless home audio experience.


Fon and Telstra start the deployment of Fon’s WiFi network in Australia

Fon is expanding on the other side of the globe: our hotspots will start covering Australia very soon! We will make it easier, faster and more affordable than ever for them to be connected on the move.

Starting on June 30th, Telstra home broadband customers will be able to activate Telstra Air, our joint service that enables them to use their home broadband allowance at thousands of hotspots across the country, and millions more overseas. At the same time, international Fon members will find many Fon Spots to connect Down Under.

Fon has now more than 15 million Fon Spots worldwide and a new CEO: Alex Puregger!


We said our growth is unstoppable and reality confirms this! We’ve just surpassed the 15 million Fon Spots mark thanks to our recent agreements, as well as steady expansion of our existing partners.

Last year alone 3 million Fon Spots were added to our network making Fon available in the vast majority of Europe. Our recent partnerships with Vodafone in Spain and Italy are allowing us to increase our presence at record pace.

Exploring Hotspot 2.0


If there is one innovation in the WiFi field we have been taking very seriously, it is the Hotspot 2.0. This technology improves the ability of WiFi enabled devices to discover and securely connect to public WiFi hotspots. It is one big step towards providing a user experience in WiFi networks very similar to cellular networks.

Vodafone Spain and Italy will join Fon´s global WiFi network

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our community WiFi network in Spain and Italy, thanks to our partnership with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

Gramofon Upgrade: All Your Music Everywhere

After a successful Kickstarter campaign which ended summer 2014, our latest innovation in WiFi products, Gramofon, has upgraded the home audio experience with the integration of Qualcomm’s AllPlay feature.

Gramofon turns any existing sound system into a wireless music player. By plugging Gramofon into the stereo and connecting it to the Internet via WiFi, Gramofon creates a seamless home audio experience. With Gramofon you can enjoy what you already know and love: your current sound system and your favorite music apps.

Fon COO Alex Puregger At The Gigaom’s Structure Connect Conference

Connecting our homes and businesses to the internet will revolutionize the way we engage with technology. As WiFi experts, at Fon we’re excited and ready for this disruption of the industry and will be playing a key role in the near future.  

Gigaom is currently hosting a series of conferences to talk about this new era. Last night Alex Puregger, Fon COO, was one of the main speakers at Gigaom’s Structure Connect conference in San Francisco, where he talked about the latest from Fon.

Gramofon named “Best WiFi Innovation Service” at the WiFi Industry Awards 2014


Great news! Last week the Wireless Broadband Alliance, the most important WiFi association, announced the winners of this year’s WBA WiFi Industry Awards. And guess what? The Gramofon was named the Best WiFi Innovation Service!

In words of Caroline Gabriel, one of the judges, the WiFi music player - Gramofon “extends a successful model beyond simple access and into new revenue streams. It integrates music and media experiences more deeply into WiFi everywhere”.

Our partner Belgacom is now Proximus

Starting today our partner in Belgium, Belgacom, has a new brand: Proximus. The company is undergoing a full rebranding, from their logo, their website and apps design to product names. The result is a unique brand for fixed, mobile and IT for all their customers. In the words of their CEO, the goal is to “put the customers at the center of everything”.

Fon introduces WiFi for Business

We’re now launching a new flavour of WiFi sharing. Called WiFi for Business, our new solution for retailers offers WiFi in a professional, simple, and affordable way. The service is a plug and play solution that is easy to use, customizable and of course, secure.  Business owners can get the service by purchasing the new Fonera for Business via our online shop.

Fon rollout in The Netherlands with KPN!

If you're living or travelling to The Netherlands, you'll find lots of Fon Spots there. Wanna know how many? We can count them for you: there are already 250,000 hotspots where you can connect for free if you are a Fon member!

This is the result of the roll out of the WiFi network we’re doing together with KPN, our partner in the country. Starting now, KPN customers get free internet access at thousands of hotspots all over the country and millions worldwide. Of course, at the same time international Fon members are now able to connect for free at all KPN WiFi with Fon hotspots.

Bună ziua! Romtelecom is our new partner in Romania

Europe is getting more and more Fon WiFi! Now it’s Romania’s turn. Today we’re announcing a new partnership with Romtelecom, the leading telco in the country. Our plan? Not a surprise! To create the largest WiFi network in Romania.

Soon, Romanians and visitors will find lots of Fon Spots in cities such as Bucharest or Timisoara. Of course, Fon sharing members will be able to connect for free. In return, Romtelecom Internet customers with a compatible router, can also become Fon members and roam the world for free in our 13-million hotspot network.

Going to Brazil for the World Cup? Fon got you covered! 600k Fon Spots, and a new partnership with Coca-Cola to bring WiFi to bars and restaurants

These days are amazing for Brazil. The FIFA World Cup has just begun. Football, friends, excitement ...and WiFi! Did you know there are now more than 600,000 Oi - Fon Spots to connect all around the country? Oi-Fon is the largest WiFi network in Latin America!!

Hot jobs at Fon! DBA and Software Architect.


Fon is not only the world's largest wifi network, it's an exceptional technology company building unique products and working on diverse technical and commercial challenges. Fon is always looking for top talent and at the moment we are prioritizing technical profiles to fill some crucial roles on the Engineering team. In high demand: DBA with MySQL experience who is interested in messing around with new database technologies (NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis) and Software Architects with experience in SOA. Interested?