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Meet Gramofon, the modern cloud jukebox

We are thrilled to announce Gramofon, a new product from our team here at Fon. We have been working on Gramofon for almost two years, and it is with great pleasure that we unveil the product on the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. We are on Kickstarter because we want to get Gramofon into the hands of the type of people that made Fon happen in the first place—and we want to get it to them first. 

Fon lands on Jersey Island with JT

Say hello to Fon's newest partner on the Island of Jersey! Starting today JT is our telco partner, and we're really happy about this new agreement. Jersey is a beautiful island and as a popular travel destination, we see lots of benefits for both current Fon members and JT members when abroad!

Fon and KPN start the deployment of Fon’s WiFi network in the Netherlands!

Fon is finally arriving to the Netherlands! The first step to cover the country with Fon Spots will start on April 2nd. That day a pilot of the service will begin in Amsterdam Ijburg where all the compatible KPN modems will be activated as KPN WiFi with Fon hotspots!

Around 900 customers are going to be part of this initial project. It will last 6-8 weeks during which we will keep track of the usage and the user experience. We want to be sure everything is all right!

Fon arrives to Greece with OTE!

Our goal is to blanket the whole globe with WiFi. We're getting closer and closer to accomplishing this mission in Europe! Let's welcome our new partner in Greece, OTE!

Thanks to this partnership with the leading greek telco, OTE customers will get access to more than 12 million hotspots abroad and Fon members will be able to connect to hundreds and hundreds of hotspots that are going to be available around the country very soon. 

New funding and new Fon products!

Last year we grew 50%, our network stands at over 12 million hotspots and there are more than 1,000 cities around the world with almost ubiquitous Fon WiFi coverage. But that’s just the beginning! We’re happy to announce that our growth will now be unstoppable since we have just closed a $14 million round!

Fon breakthroughs in a new continent: South African MWEB is our new partner!

It’s a pleasure for Fon to announce our new partnership with MWEB, the leading ISP in South Africa!

After our great success in Europe, Asia and America, our excitement to blanket the world with WiFi has brought us to Africa which truly represents an opportunity to our company: We are very confident of the growth potential in sub-Saharan Africa and see South Africa as a base for expansion into the rest of the continent.

2013 wraps up with great news from Brazil: half a million hotspots!

2013 has been an incredible year for Fon: we changed our brand image, announced great partnerships and grew our footprint all over the world with millions of hotspots.

The latest good news that 2013 brought us came from Brazil! Fon, together with our partner Oi, hit the milestone of 500,000 hotspots in the country, making our joint WiFi network the largest in Brazil by far.

Fon Joins the AllSeen Alliance to Advance the ‘Internet of Everything’

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the AllSeen Alliance, the largest cross-industry consortium to date to advance adoption and innovation in the “Internet of Everything” in homes and industry.

Along with more than 20 industry leaders and the open source community, our goal is to advance in the Internet of Everything and provide interoperability among devices, systems and service.

Welcome the newest Fonera: Now with Facebook functionality


We are thrilled to introduce our brand new Fonera!

Although it seems like yesterday when we released our last model, the Fonera Simpl, a lot of things have changed since then: Fon is now the leading WiFi network in the world with more than 12 million hotspots and has partnerships with some of the largest telcos worldwide who integrate our award winning solution into their CPEs.  We are passionate about constantly making the WiFi user experience better, and we are proud to share our newest Fonera with you.  

Fon expansion in the US: Deal with AT&T

Today we’re excited to announce a new strategic deal with AT&T, a leading telco in the US. The US represents a growth opportunity for Fon, and we are looking forward to building our footprint there.  

Our growth is unstoppable. With almost 12 million hotspots around the world, the US market is Fon’s next step.

LTE and WiFi, best friends!


All along, we at Fon have been saying that WiFi and LTE are complementary technologies. Now, this has been proven by The Advanced Wireless Technology Group (AWTG), a leader in UK metro wireless/small cell technology. 

5G, The Future of WiFi


This week we discovered that increasingly, people would rather watch TV shows and movies online, instead of on a television. Nielsen said in its latest report that in the US alone, there are 5 million residences without a cable or satellite TV service. What's more, they don't even use an antenna to get free signals over the air. At the same time, internet traffic is increasingly going from wired to wireless networks. 

Fon's new branding explained in the Mobile World Congress 2013


As might know, we unveiled our new logo and brand identity at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

There, we recorded this nice video where Jennifer Allerson, Fon's head of Communications and Marketing, explaining the creation process and the meaning of our fantastic new branding image, designed along with Interbrand, one of the world’s foremost branding agencies.

Welcoming Our Newest Partner, Deutsche Telekom

Today, we are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s largest telco, to create the country’s largest WiFi network! As of this summer, Deutsche Telekom’s 12 million subscribers who choose to join Fon will be able to get free WiFi at Fon’s more than 7 million hotspots around the world!

Joining the network is easy:
Deutsche Telekom’s broadband subscribers just need to sign up to the Fon service and share the unused capacity of their internet connection with other users. By doing this, they get free access to millions of Fon hotspots all around the world. Sharing creates two networks - a private one, accessible only inside the home, and a public one shared with other members of the network. This is completely safe, and since the private network is always prioritized, there is no noticeable change in internet speed for those who choose to share.

Currently with over 7 million hotspots, Fon is the world’s largest WiFi network. In countries such as the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Croatia and Brazil, customers already share their broadband connection and receive free access to all 7 million hotspots in the Fon network for free.

Watch this video explaining the Deutsche Telekom and Fon partnership, including an interview with our CEO Martin Varsavsky.

Watch this advert explaining WLAN to go with Deutsche Telekom and Fon.

Welcome to the network, Deutsche Telekom!

Fon has a brand new look!


Fon has increased the size of the network and it’s team so much over the past few years that we’ve outgrown our boots! That’s why we decided to team up with the branding gurus at Interbrand and with the expert designers at Fjord to create a new brand that fits Fon better and makes it easier for you to find on and offline.

You’ll see right away that the new logo is easier to identify. Just look for the colorful WiFi signal on shop windows wherever you go and connect. You’ll also see the new Fon logo on our website, captive portals and apps.